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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to Understand Consumer Email Behavior. A must Read.

Tell me more, I'm Exited, Tell me more!!!

Don't we all want to understand the behavior of our potential customer? Wouldn't we want to know his or her buying protocol before they purchase? Wouldn't we love to know what is the trigger that makes the sale?

Since Email is still and probably will be for some time, the most powerful way to reach our customer base, doesn't it make sense to understand how to use this medium to its fullest potential?

Late last week Michael Essany and his team of researchers reached out with results from a new survey of 1,000 U.S. internet users on email behavior.
The report uncovered a number of interesting findings worth noting for email marketers and digital advertisers everywhere.

Among the interesting discoveries:
  • Email users depend on mobile email. 70% of email users check email on their mobile device.
  • Mobile users have multiple accounts. 42% of people who check email on mobile devices have 2 accounts. 22% have more than 3 accounts, and 8% have more than 4 email accounts.
  • Android wins out for mobile email users. For the 72% of people who check email on mobile devices, 48% use Android as their main mobile platform. 38% use iOS.
  • Mobile platform varies by age. For mobile email users 19 years old and younger, 49% use iOS and 44% use Android. But for those age 35-44, 28% use iOS and 57% use Android.
  • Mobile users want to be notified instantly. 67% of email users want to know about new messages the moment they hit their mobile Inbox, so they turn on push notifications.
To learn more, check out the info graphic shared below.

info2 Infographic: Understanding Consumer Email Behavior

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